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Out of the Field:

The adventures of archaeology with my drone, and how I hope it will advance the field of Aeial Archaeology.

Beyond the Drone: Seeing the Invisible

By Nicole Lathrop A birds eye view can always tell us more. More about layout. More about structure. More about how the past and the present overlap. Its no wonder that the use of GIS in the field of archaeology has been long embedded in the study for understanding a sites context. In the necessity…

Drone Archaeology and The Evolution of Studying the Past: 3D modeling and the hunt for anomalies

By Nicole Lathrop You can’t see the forest through the trees. Likewise, it’s hard to see the feature when you’re standing on it. Drones have created opportunities to see the invisible, record the inaccessible and conceptualize the intangible. When combining drone technology with newer computer processing options, the sky, or – in an archaeologist’s case…

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