Indiana Drones Archaeology LLC

Licensed & Insured, since 2020

Meet the Pilot:

FAA part 107 Certified, Background in Archaeology and Heritage Management, But mostly an adventurous nerd.

Team Director and Pilot on Chaffee County Search and Rescue North Drone Team. (2019 – Present)


Masters in Applied Geospatial Sciences from Northern Arizona University (presently)

Masters in Museum Studies from the University of Queensland : Thesis

BA in Anthropology, Focus Archaeology from University of Colorado at Boulder


Museum Director for Buena Vista Heritage

Archaeologist for Turnstone Archaeology

16 years non-profit experience

Something good had to come out of 2020?

-Me, making my dreams a reality

2020, as it was for most people, was a bit of a train wreck. I was meant to spend a month in Europe, which I arrived March 11, just a few days before the big international shut down.

Getting back home had to happen and -once back- I filled my time with classes and trainings aimed at getting certifications to pursue my passion (and eventually a Masters degree) of Aerial Archaeology.

With all the new ‘toys’ coming out in the drone field, I am constantly hearing of Viking ship burials, ancient Mayan cities, Native burial grounds that are constantly being discovered. I saw a few of these and thought “I want that to be me”. I continued on, started a Professional Avocational Archaeology Certification through History Colorado, did the Part 107 pilots license, and by the end of 2020, I started my very own LLC.


Indiana Drones Archaeology LLC was created for the purpose of recording historical and archaeological sights for preservation, research and documentation. To seek out new worlds, boldly going where no one has gone before… or simply where it is too difficult for standard archaeological survey, or to supplement a survey with additional data that can only be gathered with drone technology.


The goal of Indiana Drones Archaeology LLC is to provide technology and services for data and recording of sites. The future of the company will be to have state of the art technology available to archaeological researchers to further their research and provide the best possible data. This includes purchasing top line equipment, including lidar, and growing the company through multiple state LLC’s to service a larger region of the United States, and – hopefully some day – internationally.

If you can name all the things behind me… you may be an archaeologist.
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